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. the growing meningitis outbreak is growing. the maryland health department is confirming another person is sick with the fungal meningitis. we have a full report, coming up. and the komen three day is under way, but thieves stole bikes from the guys who keep the walkers safe in traffic. they came all the way from new jersey for the weekend's walk. good morning, everyone. welcome to fox 5 morning news sunday. i'm melanie evans. we'll have more on those stories, plus a review of the national's crushing loss. not only did the yankees lose to detroit, but they suffered a
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devastating injury. shortstop derek jeter broke his ankle and could be out for the rest of the post season. first, a beautiful start to your sunday morning. let's get that live picture now. it is much milder out there than it was 24 hours ago. lot warmer, as runners preparing for a race. is that a 5k? >> that is run for the warrior. so a very, very good cause, and i'm happy to say that mother nature is cooperating with this very important run for them, as well as for the komen walk as well. so we've got really nice, mild weather as you mentioned this morning, and wait till you see what we've got ahead. let's begin with the maps. satellite radar composite showing a few clouds across the area, but overall, not bad. we'll definitely be basking in the sunshine out there. as we start out this morning,
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currently -- sorry, yesterday's highs, 60 degrees at reagan, 59 at dulles. i want to say we'll be leaving these temperatures well in the dust before today is all said and done. it's currently 53 at dc, 48 at baltimore, 48 at fredericksburg, and we've got 50 degrees at dulles this hour. so today's high will be a balmy 74 degrees. we will have gusty winds this afternoon to deal with, however, but it's not all bad. mostly sunny skies and we're a far cry from the 60-degree high of yesterday for sure and that was in the forecast. but we've got a warmup ahead for you and i think you'll enjoy it. i'll have all the details a little later. back to you. >> gwen, thanks very much. enjoy the warm temps. we are monitoring controversial signs at metro stations. they are at a handful of stops and as of next week, they will have competition. the council for american islamic relations, or care, is putting
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up posters to counter the message on the original sign. the new sign quotes a verse from the quran that says "show forgiveness, speak for justice, and avoid the ignorant. ". the first posters that went up urged people to defeat jihad and call those not supporting israel savages. tomorrow, a coalition of religious groups will call on metro to donate proceeds from that ad to a charity that supports human rights. it could be a major step forward in the proposed design of the new purple line. planners tell the washington post they found a way to link the capital crescent trail to the new line. they want to build a 5 to 7-foot sidewalk to connect the trail to the proposed train station. it's been a major stumbling block in the design process. anyone who drives in our area already knows we have many of the country's most congested road in fact, we rank number 3 in the nation. tom tom, a company that makes gps navigation devices is behind the latest study.
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dc comes in behind only l.a. and san francisco. dc commuters who drive 30 minutes to work end an additional 80 hours a year in their cars because of all the congestion. police in an anne run dell county are investigating a shooting at a party. 21-year-old matthew morrow died from his injuries. the second victim, a 20-year-old, is in the hospital and is expected to survive -- 68-year-old paul case was knocked overboard by a sail on friday night off windmill point in virginia. case was not wearing a life jacket. fellow crewmembers could not revive him. some people in the district could pay more to heat their homes this season. washington gas proposed two rate hikes, one that would go to
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replacing gas pipes, the other to pay for employee pension costs. the washington business journal reports the company is asking for a total of $148 million extra spread out over the next five years. the dc public service commission has not made a decision on that proposal. washington gas serves more than a million customers in the dc area. the komen three day for the cure is under way right now in the district. but it got off to a bumpy start for two volunteers from new jersey who were targeted by thieves. their bikes were stolen. someone must have pride the bikes from the roof of their car while parked at the holiday inexpress thursday night. when christian posted the news on his facebook page, fellow volunteers stepped up to help, contacting the district hardware and bike shop in northwest, which provided the two brothers with loaner bikes free of
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charge. >> there are other three day walkers from florida and cleveland, it was total surprise. >> but that's, that's what this family's about. >> the hotel says the crime was caught on surveillance camera and now police are investigating that video. another meningitis death in this morning's health alert. and there is one other person in maryland that has been diagnosed with fungal meningitis throingd those steroid injections. it is the 15th case in maryland and the outbreak is spreading to other states. 15 people have now died. as audrey barns reports, the cdc says more cases are expected. health officials say 14,000 patients have been injected with a tainted pain killing medication at the center of a nationwide meningitis outbreak. the number of meningitis cases has now reached 198, and 23 states. 15 people have died nationwide,
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including one in maryland. the crisis has prompted the company, the new england compounding center, to recall the products and suspend operations. the scare has triggered multiple investigations, starting with the company that shipped the vials. >> what exactly is a compounding pharmacy? how are they licensed and supervised? does the food and drug administration have the resources and does it have the legislative authority to actually extend its oversight over these pharmacies? >> reporter: neec is based in massachusetts. it was supposed to be filling specific prescriptions for specific people, but the state's governor, deval patrick, says that wasn't the case at all. >> what they were doing instead is making big batches and selling them out of state as a manufacturer would. >> reporter: the incident manager from the centers for disease control says we're not out of the woods yet. healthcare providers are urging anyone who received a steroid injection for back pain or joint
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pain to watch for some key symptoms. fever, worsening headaches, back pain, and neurological problems similar to ones a stroke victim might have. if they develop, seek immediate medical care. cdc officials have already notified 12,000 patients who got the injections, but there are many more out there who haven't been reached yet. because the symptoms are taking longer to develop than expected, patients are urged to keep looking for signs of illness over the next few months. audrey barns, fox 5 news. . the redskins on fox 5 today. the burgandy and gold going up one of the biggest surprises in the nfl, the vikings, who have been impressive with second year quarterback christian ponder. he struggled in his rookie season, but this year he is leading team purple to a 4-0 record. with six touchdowns, the skins defense knows not taking the qb lightly would be a mistake.
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the day of football begins with the fox 5 redskins pregame show at 11:30 this morning, followed by fox nfl sunday at noon. then it is the skins and vikings from fedex field, right here on fox 5. kickoff is at 4:25. a teenage girl in pakistan, the target of a taliban assassination attempt. why? militants did not want her or any girl in pakistan to get an education. just ahead, we'll have an update on her condition. and the space shuttle endeavour is long overdue. it's been a painstaking journey. it is still creeping to its final resting place. we'll have an update. stay with us. hey, whahat are you drinkin'? pumpkin coffee for the morning.
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. two navy vessels collide. pentagon officials are investigating why a submarine hit a navy cruiser off the u.s. east coast yesterday afternoon. the ship rammed the nuclear
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powered submarine. the collision reportedly collapsed the sew nor dome on the cruiser, but no one was hurt in the accident. the pentagon says these kinds of collisions are rare, but they do happen. and in pakistan, the 14-year-old girl targeted in a taliban assassination is doing much better this morning. she is now able to lift her arms, despite being shot in the head, while walking home from school last week. the taliban says if she survives, they will try and kill her again, all because she has called for girls to be educated. she was moved to a military hospital for better protection and was just upgraded to satisfactory condition. back here at home, hollywood, mourning the death of actor gary collins. many remembering him for his role as master of ceremonies in the miss america pageants and for hosting "hour magazine" and "the home show," also tv movies and shows, including "love boat," and "the iron horse."
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gary collins was 74. more trouble for american airlines. the airline is cutting its flight schedule through the first half of november. it's all in response to an ongoing pilots dispute. the airline says pilots are calling in sick and there are few engineers to handle maintenance issues. american is canceling about 31 flights a day, extending its reduced schedule from september and october. and in new york, the mayor's fight against big sugary drinks is headed to court. soft drink makers, restaurant owners and other businesses are suing to block the new regulation that would stop the sale of high calorie drinks larger than 16 ounces. that rule is set to go into effect in march. mayor michael bloomberg calls it a reasonable way to fight obesity. opponents say the rule burdens consumers and unfairly harms small businesses. the space shuttle endeavour finally in its home stretch of its journey through los angeles. and it took a lot longer than originally planned. it's not expected to reach the california science museum until
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about an hour from now. thousands lined the route to watch the long, slow crawl. organizers say dispoit going about 2 miles per hour, the shuttle did make good time, but workers pulling the endeavour say it took a while to get to this point. >> we had to actually go through a bunch of rigorous tests to make sure that we were able to pull this weight. we had three months of testing to say, yes, we could do this. so we actually pulled more than what the endeavour in the program weighs. it's 292,000 pounds and we were over 300,000 pounds that we pulled. >> must be a proud moment for you as well. >> oh, absolutely. >> nervous? >> nervous, and i'll be a lot better once we're on the other side of manchester, for sure. >> total cost of endeavour's final journey, $10 million. just ahead on fox morning news, the killing of the u.s. ambassador to libya is back in the headlines, after the vice president claimed the white house never got requests for more security. a full report, coming up after the break. >> and a little later, we are getting a preview of fox news sunday and a look at the vice
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. the attack on the consulate in libya continuing to make headlines. it has been more than a month since the american ambassador and three others were killed. now, as fox's molly henneberg reports, some senators say they are investigating the attack. >> reporter: first, the house of representatives started investigating the libya attack. now the senate just announced it's going to do the same. joe lieberman and susan collins say the american people deserve a full and fair accounting of how the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya unfolded. they continue in a statement saying, quote, we intend to examine the circumstances before, during and after the attack, including threat awareness. u.s. security needs for diplomatic personnel in benghazi and libya, and communications among the intelligence
8:20 am
community, the state department, the defense department and the white house. we want to fully understand why the administration's initial public assessments of this attack were subsequently proven inaccurate. meanwhile, the white house and state department are fielding a lot of questions, after vice president biden said in the debate this week that, quote, we weren't told they wanted more security in libya. why wasn't he told? why wasn't the president told? here's what white house spokesman jay carney said about it. >> these are issues appropriately handled by security professionals at the state department. and that's what he was talking about. >> reporter: but one republican house member, who just returned from an investigative trip to libya, says the obama administration should have known that our facilities in libya needed more security. >> the leadership, a good president should be saying, my goodness, we were bombed in libya twice! what are we doing to improve security there? >> reporter: in washington,
8:21 am
molly henneberg, fox news. looking ahead at romney versus obama, round two of the presidential debates. it's the main topic on fox news sunday. we're checking in with chris wallace, coming up next. >> also, gwen is back with a look at today's weather and work week preview. >> here's tom fits girld fitzgerald. we're back with your look at some of what's going on in the week ahead. it's your capital rundown for the week of october 15th, 2012. monday's a big day for virginia voters. it's the deadline for voter registration in the commonwealth. forms are available at the virginia state board of elections web page. tuesday, october 16th, it's debate day. over at george washington university, college democrats and republicans will be holding a joint watch party at the marvin center at 8:00 p.m.
8:22 am
on wednesday, october 17th, 10:00 a.m., the aspen institute hosts a forum on the future of school reform and asks if educators are thinking big enough in remaking our schools. thursday, october 18th at the newseum, journalists will screen and then talk about a new documentary called "first freedom, the fight for religious liberty," starting at 7:00 p.m. and finally, october 19th at 9:00 a.m., the national archives hosts its 26th annual preservation conference. this year, looking at how to save american documents in an increasingly online world. and that's your capital rundown for the week of october 15th, 2012. check out our website, or contact us on twitter, #capitalrundown. see you next week. or most of you know it. ...i propose savings for everyone!
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with grease and lime scale. use finish dishwasher cleaner every month to keep your machine in sparkling health. for shining results, finish dishwasher cleaner. . before we get to decision 2012, i want to talk to gwen about the weather. it was much warmer than i
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expected this morning. >> i know. i think everybody's pleasantly surprised. it's a good indication of what we're in for today. temperature rising, folks. so i think they will like that. let's get right to it and show you what is happening out there. satellite and radar composite showing very few clouds. we have a ridge of high pressure bringing us plenty of sunshine across the area. here's a look at yesterday's highs. 60 degrees at reagan international airport, 58 at dulles, 58 at bwi. these temperatures, some 9 to 10 degrees below the seasonal average. we are going to be a lot closer to that today. 53 degrees at dc, 48 at baltimore, 58 gaithersburg and that's the same for frederick. 54 degrees at culpepper. for today, mostly sunny skies. the one thing happening today are the winds. we've got a ridge of high pressure that's going start to move out. we have another system moving in from the west and what we call
8:27 am
pressure gradient, tight pressure gradient between those two picking the winds up. winds are coming from the south, a nice warm wind flow, 10 to 15 miles an hour, gusting at 25 miles an hour. but overall, not bad. i know it's a big football game today for the redskins. they won't have to worry about any wet weather. >> okay. >> our viewers will not be cold sitting out there today, that's for sure. it's going to be very comfortable, albeit for the winds picking up a little bit. but we can't beat it for this time of year. i've got a little more of that to share into the week as well. >> because those winds were really gusting yesterday. you could feel it. it was chilly. >> it will be a little stronger today in the wind department. >> thanks a lot. appreciate it. the vice presidential debates were pretty testy. did you see them? the back and forth between vice president joe biden and congressman paul ryan. let's give you some of the back and forth resaw on the recession, stimulus and sanctions on iran. >> these are the most crippling sanctions in the history of
8:28 am
sanctions. period. period. when governor romney's asked about it, he said we've got to keep these sanctions. when you say, well, you're talking about doing more. are you going to go to war? is that what you want to do? >> you want to prevent war. >> interesting thing is how they are going to prevent war, how they are going to prevent war if they say there's nothing more that they say we should do than what we've already done. >> i'm not allowed to show letters, but go on our website. he sent me two letters saying, by the way, can you send me some stimulus money for companies here in the state of wisconsin? we sent millions of dollars. you know why he said-- >> you did ask for stimulus money, correct? >> sure, he did. >> on two occasions, we advocated for constituents applying for grants. that's what we do for all constituents. >> i love that. >> and by the way, they talk about this great recession as if it fell out of the sky, like, oh, my goodness, where did it come from? it came from this man voting to put two wars on a credit card at the same time for the prescription drug benefit and
8:29 am
the credit card. a trillion dollar tax cut for very wealthy. i was there. i voted against them. i said, no, we can't afford that. and now all of a sudden these guys are so seized with the concern about the debt that they created. >> congressman ryan? >> let's not forget that they came in with one-party control. when barack obama was elected, they had all the control. they had the ability to do of their choosing and look at where we are right now. they passed the stimulus. the idea we could borrow $831 billion, spend it on special interest groups and it would work out fine, that unemployment would never get above 8%, it went above 8% for 433 months. they said if we passed the stimulus, it would grow at 4%. it's growing at 1.3. >> the vice presidential debate and upcoming presidential debate on tuesday, topics today on fox news sunday, just about half hour from now. fox's chris wallace is the host of the show and joins me now
8:30 am
with a preview. good morning, chris. >> reporter: good morning. >> before we get to who your i want to get perspective from you on the upcoming week. second presidential debate is this week. polls clearly had romney winning the first one. however, vice president biden won it, again, according to the polls. does that in any way take off any pressure for president obama going into round 2, that biden won it for the democrats? >> reporter: absolutely not. you know, the history of these, there's a long history of vice presidential debates. we pay attention, they are fun, interesting, and they don't matter. people don't vote for the bottom of the ticket. they vote for the top of the ticket. my guess is by the time that we get to the town hall debate on tuesday, the biden-ryan will be largely forgotten. this will have to be won or lost by obama and romney, the running mates aren't going to make a difference. >> and you mentioned the town hall setting dis.d that setting in any way benefit one candidate over another? >> reporter: well, i think it's going to make it a little harder for obama. we keep hearing that obama is going to try to be more
8:31 am
aggressive because he had what is generally now considered a lack luster first debate. but it's harder to make partisan attacks and go after the other guy when you're being asked questions not by reporters, but by real people. you know, when joe says i want to ask you a question about my healthcare or i've been out of work for six months, people don't like to hear one guy taking shots at the other. they want to hear them relate. and that's why incidentally, i think that this debate could be a real opportunity, not saying it will be, but could be for romney, because romney has been portrayed successfully by the obama campaign, if you believe the polls, as this kind of unfeeling, out of touch rich guy. now, if he's able to break through that and be empathetic, when the bill clinton, i feel your pain, i think that could cause a lot of people to rethink how they see m rough. he's now got to step up and do it, but it's an opportunity for him. >> you bring up a good point, chris. i wonder in this setting if
8:32 am
we'll see a different president obama, based on the performance we saw in the first debate. >> reporter: there's no question. he'll be more aggressive. if he doesn't, i think he's in terrible trouble. he's got to be more aggressive in defending his record, more assertive in talking about where he would take the country. there's been very little talk about his second term agenda and he's got to be more aggressive in going after romney and one of the big arguments now is that romney, they say, is moving to the center. he's shaving off some of the hard, conservative edges of his policies. obama's got to call him on that. >> issue that came up in the vice presidential debate, i've got to assume is going to c up in tuesday's debate, the white house, the obama camp under fire for how the administration handled the terrorist attack in libya that killed the u.s. ambassador and three others. how much is that situation, chris, going to hurt president obama? >> reporter: well, we don't -- first of all, we don't know it will come up in the town hall meeting, because it's real people. you can't be sure that they will ask about libya. it will certainly come up six days later in the foreign policy debate and be a huge issue.
8:33 am
and, you know, my feeling is that it's less important in and of itself and what it says, or at least what the romney campaign is trying to say it says, about obama's foreign policy, about political manipulation, and interestingly enough, obama had really been running on foreign policy as a strong suit because of the fact that he had killed bin laden, because of the fact that al-qaeda had been degraded. but now with al-qaeda apparently, at least on the fringes, involved in the attack that killed these four americans and the information we found out this week, that people on the ground in libya had been asking for security, for more help, and it was denied by the state department, it's not going to be quite as much of a strong point for barack obama. >> and will you be talking about libya on your show today? >> reporter: we'll be talking about libya, the debates, state of the race. we've got two absolutely top officials of both campaigns. for the democrats, senior strategist david axelrod for obama. and for mitt romney, the senior advisor to his campaign, ed
8:34 am
gillespie. this should get very interesting. >> excellent. catch fox news sunday at 9:00 a.m. right after our newscast. chris, as always, we enjoy talking to you here. >> reporter: thanks, laura. do you have plans to see a movie this weekend? in our movie reviews, a history lesson of sorts, hollywood director ben affleck out with a movie based on the true story of the rescue of six americans during the iranian hostage crisis in 1979. the facts recently became public and kevin mccarthy is up next with his review of argo, when fox 5 morning news continues. we'll be right back. playay with a stick. take away their bikes and theyey'll still find a way to gt where they're going. but if take you away early childhood education... slash k-12 funding... and cut college aid for middle class families ... they won't go far. yet that's exactly what mitt romney wants to do... pay for a $250,000 tax break for multi-millionaires. if mitt romney wins, the middle class loses.
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but he's really creating debt. the facts are clear. obama's four deficits are the four largest in us history. he's adding almost as much debt
8:37 am
as all 43 previous presidents -- combined. and over 30 cents of every dollar obama spends is borrowed. much of it from countries like china. he's not just wasting money, he's borrowing it and then wasting it. we can't afford four more years. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message. . we are checking out three movies in this week's buzz binn. kevin mccarthy is excited about all three. one is a horror flick that has left him shaken. and as he tells us, another is an historical event, another that became declassified.
8:38 am
joining us to talk about all things movies, kevin mccarthy. >> it's a great movie week, every movie is interesting. >> let's start off talking about ben affleck and his movie, "argo." >> what a story. this story took place in 1980. it wasn't declassified until bill clinton in 1997. the fact they had to keep this secret for 27 years, obviously this takes place based on a true story at the height of the iranian revolution. during the hostage crisis, obviously 52 americans were taken hostage, but they didn't know that six americans had escaped, you know, on top of the 522. i went to the canadian ambassador's house and were hiding there. and the cia knew about this. ben affleck's character goes into iran and poses as a fake movie guy. they create a fake movie called "argo," get a fake producer, fake director, an actual script, make press for the movie, and his goal is to pose themselves
8:39 am
as a canadian film crew who are on a location scout for the new movie "argo." and the intention of this film, i started doing research and learning about this story before i saw the movie. whether or not you know the outcome of what happens in this film, you will be on the edge of your seat the entire time. it's watching something like "titanic." even if you know the ending, you always think to yourself, i hope they miss the iceberg this time! you're always thinking things will change this. movie will be nominated for best picture. he will get a best director nomination, 100% sure. 4 1/2 out of 5. see argo. very original. what about seven psych paths? fun, crazy? >> if you saw embruge, a highly violent, funny, interesting movie. this film is a great idea. colin ferrell's character is a struggling screen writer. his two friends, here's what they do. they kidnap dogs, okay? then they return the dogs to
8:40 am
their owners to get the reward money. you will laugh. it's very violent, very vulgar, but i really enjoyed it. not as good as his previous movie, but very solid. 4 out of 5. and the last movie, this one is scary, a little creeped out by scary movies. >> first of all, this is not an exaggeration. as the film ended last night, you would see my jaw drop and tears in my eyes. not because i'm sad. it's just a shock and terror that a film can come out in this day and age, that we've seen a story like this a million times, where a family moves into a house and something in that house haunts the family. but it is so original. the idea that ethan hawk's character is a struggling author, wants to piece together a murder mystery that has not been solved by this town's police, and he uncovers one of the most sick, most twisted and disturbing stories you'll ever see coming alive on screen. it is ambitious, original, highly scary.
8:41 am
i jumped out of my seat at least 10 times. >> wow, okay! >> and scared. not cheesy scares. they earn the jump scarce. you'll be flipping out. i gave this movie a 4 out of 5. very, very scary. every movie this week is worth seeing. go see all three of them. they are all fantastic! >> okay. >> seriously, "argo," ben affleck, wow. wow. i cannot tell you how great this movie is. >> cool, kevin. great to see you. >> follow me on twitter,@bdtreviews. tweet me this weekend. i want to know how scared you were after you saw "sinister," because i was flipped out. >> kevin, good to see you. back to you at the desk. >> love kevin mccarthy. greatest reviews. just ahead in sports, a big loss for the yankees. not only did they lose the game against the tigers, derek jeter out for the rest of the series? he was in pain after breaking his ankle. we'll have the details on that. >> plus, the end of the season for the nats. gwen, do we have to re-live it? >> really sad, but we've got good news in the weather
8:42 am
department. a warmup is headed our way, as well as a news, sunny day. i'll have all of those details coming up. but first, here's our business report. . on money street, for which we are all paying, the federal budget deficit for fiscal year 2012, topping $1 trillion. fourth year. that is roughly $200 million thran last year. meantime, maybe shoppers will bring holiday cheer to this economy. consumer confidence is now at its highest level since before the recession. spirits are rising, along with our rising stock market. and slowly improving job market. and best buy is doing its best to get more people buying. the electronics retailer will start matching some competitors' online prices right in the store. most retailers avoiding those kinds of deals because online prices tend to be a lot cheaper, not just a little cheaper. best buy's online price matching starts in november. but here is something that
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might slow those shoppers down. wholesale inflation rising last month, led by a surge in gas prices. food prices also rising, and that could mean higher costs for you at the grocery store. that's business. i'm neil came cavuto. when i was younger and... financially stable. we were poor. the mgm casino in michigan. and it changed her life. clerk. way up. insurance... and i make great money. seven will create... twelve thousand jobs. to accountants... and construction workers. place to work with good pay... question seven.
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take away his toys and he'll play with a stick. take away their bikes and they'll still find a way to get where they're going. but if take you away early childhood education... slash k-12 funding... and cut college aid for middle class families ... they won't go far. yet that's exactly what mitt romney wants to do... pay for a $250,000 tax break for multi-millionaires. if mitt romney wins, the middle class loses. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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8:46 am
. a big push to restore playgrounds in the district. city officials launched the biggest playground revamp in the history. the latest effort will improve safety and facilities for more than 30 locations. the mayor says it will take a few months to get all the work done. the mayor would say it's probably a great day to get out to the playground. >> oh, definitely. the weather is cooperating. it's one of these treats of fall that shows up every now and then. definitely great. let's take a live look outside. lot going on. here we have the warriors run. is that what that is? run for the warriors, i should say, where they are getting ready there for a very, very
8:47 am
good cause. and as i said, they are going to have great weather. the winds will pick up a little later today, but right now, things are very, very pleasant outside. so we begin with a look at our weather headlines. much warmer and sunny today. we had some sunshine yesterday. today's going to be fairly nice. gusty winds, however. that's the difference between yesterday and today, not to mention the temperatures. we're keeping an eye on the tropics. we've got a system that's actually pushing its way out to the northeast. and the week starts a little unsettled. we're going to talk about what that is all about as well. but right now, here's a look at our fox 5 accuweather satellite radar composite. a few clouds out there, high clouds, but it's not going to keep the sunshine away today at all. we've got lots of bright skies for you. yesterday's high, i want to point out, some 9 to 10 degrees cooler than the seasonal average. we only hit 60 degrees at reagan international airport, 359 at dulles, 58 at bwi. we're starting out fairly nice and mild this morning. currently 53 at dc.
8:48 am
52 at gaithersburg. to the west, 51 at martinsburg, 41 at cumberland. dulles is at 50. 53 at fredericksburg. we've got a warm southerly air moving in, but a moist air as well. here's the next weather maker right here at the midsection of. this is thunderstorms and rain along the line of a cold front that's pushing our way. this is going to be the weather maker for monday as it continues to push its way towards us. we are going to end up seeing some of that action once we get through into the course of the day. today, however, ridge of high pressure will gradually move its way out. this frontal system moving to the north and we'll see that warm, southerly flow come up that's going to set us up for a very warm and mild day, but that cold front will push its way across on monday. we're not talking a total washout. we are talking showers. we have a possibility of an isolated storm popping up. we can't rule that out all together. so we're going to keep eyes to the skies on that. here's a look at future cast for you. morning commute on monday, expect to have some wet weather
8:49 am
that's going to be probably a little bit of a problem for you. some areas will see heavier rainfall than others. as we progress throughout the course of the day, we get a little break here and there, a few rain showers lingering around through the course of midday. then it's not out of here until we get through into the evening and night hours. just be prepared for that, as you get ready to hit the highway. not only in the morning, but also as you head home. here's a look at that redskins forecast for you. kickoff at 4:25 p.m. mostly sunny skies. we're talking 74 degrees. who can complain about that? i don't think anyone. as we head into the course of tonight, mostly cloudy skies. we'll see clouds rolling in overnight. 59 degrees. winds from the south once again from 5 to 10. gusty winds this afternoon. i wouldn't be surprised if the winds start to pick up about 25 miles an hour gusting. but by tonight, we'll see an improvement in the wind department. we get a light southerly flow from 5 to 10. here's a look at your accuweather seven-day forecast. chance of storms on monday.
8:50 am
we'll see wet weather for sure. not a total washout. drier conditions behind all that as a ridge of high pressure pushes in and cooler temps. but we're still great, into the 60s and low 70s. >> we'll enjoy it while we've got it. thank you, gwen. sports now, and a big disappointment for nats fans. many still in shock after friday night's loss, but we can't forget the great season we had. we'll have more on that in a moment. but first, a late night for the yankees last night, as they lost to the detroit tigers, going 12 innings, but even worse, team captain and starting shortstop derek jeter was seriously injured after a grounder up the middle left him in pain. he broke his ankle and he is now out for the post season. the orioles also fell in game 5 friday night, 3-1 against the new york yankees. baltimore skipper buck showalter reflected on this year's biggest turnaround team in baseball. >> they are a special group. you don't know how many times you'll pass this way. and, you know, they all, they
8:51 am
got a grip, unlike a lot of young people that they know they are not bullet proof and we talked way back at spring training, our first meeting, and they bought into each other and they were good teammates and they were people that our city and organization can be proud of. and we'll see them again. here's fox 5's lindsay murphy with the virginia-maryland game and a wrapup of the nats' final game of the year. nats players and fans went from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows in the span of nine innings. a 6-0 lead was safe for a while. then the cardinals started chipping away, then the 9th happened. those chips became chunks and the champagne had to be moved out of the nats clubhouse. bottom of the 8th, nats up 6-5. suzuki, 2 on, 2 out, one up the middle off of mott. nats with insurance, up 7-5. and the record crowd erupting, thinking they got it in the bag. top of the 9th, still 7-5.
8:52 am
bases loaded, 2 outs, this hit goes off the glove of ian desmond into center field. two runners score. the nats once a strike away from winning the series. game tied. next batter, 2 on, 2-2 count, base hit to right, two more runners come home. cardinals score 4 in the 9th. nats' dream season comes to an end, 9-7. >> we were right there. we were, you know, like you said, one out, one strike away a couple times. we've come a long ways. i think that's why it hurts even more because of what we've all been through. but we should be proud of what we did this year. >> i think we all knew what we were capable of doing with the team we had. i'm not saying -- nothing against the year. it was obviously a great year. having the best record in baseball and winning the division. but i think this is going to burn in all of us for a while.
8:53 am
>> that is not how i wanted my year to end definitely. i wanted to play deeper in the post season. not ready to go home. didn't want to take off that uniform, and, you know, it's just something that happens every day, happens, and it's just -- we're going to come back next year and not let it happen. >> it's baseball, you know. you can't do nothing about it. just tip your cap to it and keep moving. we battled and gave them what they wanted, a show. and it's just to go out that way leaves a bitter taste in your mouth, but find a new gum to chew on. maryland, cavs looking to end a four-game losing streak. opening kickoff, turps take it 5 into the end zone, weaving through traffic. 100 yards for the touchdown. turps built a 17-0 lead. third quarter, it's 17-3, phillips simms fakes the handoff, rolls right, finds
8:54 am
scott, 20 yards for the score. down 17-10. in the fourth quarter, maryland lead was only 4. quarterback perry hill's on a keeper, 6 yards for the touchdown. turps beat virginia, 27-20 to improve to 2-0 in acc play. other scores, virginia tech over duke, 41-20. george town falls at home to lehigh, 17-14. north carolina a and t beats howard 38-10. . >> lindsay murphy, thanks very much. three years after serving time on dog fighting charges, michael vick is once again a dog owner. the eagles quarterback is now saying his family has a dog and in a statement, vick says he understands the strong emotion some people would feel about him having a pet, but he says it's important to make sure his children develop a healthy relationship with animals. vick served 18 months in prison for his role in a dog fighting ring. if you've got the cash, elvis' mansion in california could be yours. we've got the price tag, after
8:55 am
the break.
8:56 am
8:57 am
 . the beverly hills mansion once owned by elvis and priscilla presley, up for sale. asking price? just shy of $13 million. just like the more famous graceland, elvis fans have been flocking to the property for
8:58 am
years. the 4-bedroom, 5-bathroom french regency estate sits on more than an acre overlooking los angeles. elvis bought the home in 1967 and sold it in 1973, same year he and priscilla divorced. the adams-morgan neighborhood getting a sprucing up from locals and businesses. it was the 20th annual fall cleanup. hundreds of volunteers painted, landscaped, repaired, and improved the apartments that make up the affordable housing complex. >> really, it's about community uplift, working with the residents and neighbors, the business partners that are here in this adams-morgan neighborhood, to really try and improve not only the physical condition of the buildings that we see out here, but also the spirit of the people who live in this neighborhood. >> the event also helped with the cost of maintenance to the eight properties that jubilee owns. one last look at the beginning of our beautiful sunday. >> a great day today out there, plenty of sunshine. it will be a little windy, but for those of you going to the redskins game, it's going to be
8:59 am
a very pleasant day. we're looking at 4:25 p.m. kickoff, mostly sunny skies, 74 degrees. and as far as your two days concerned, a chance of isolated afternoon thunderstorms on monday. there will be rain. it won't be a total washout, but another day where we're headed to the low 70s for daytime high. we've got a system that's going to be pushing its way through a cold front behind it. we'll get cooler, drier air. that means on tuesday, sunshine will be back in the forecast, but we'll be cooling down to about 66 degrees. but i don't think anybody will be unhappy, considering the two 74-degree days in a row. today is a perfect day to get out and enjoy. we've got the komen walk going on and the run for warriors out there as well. good cause. >> beautiful fall colors to look at as well. gwen, thanks very much. that does it for us here on fox 5 morning news. stay tuned for fox news sunday starting at 9:00, just in a couple of minutes. don't forget, football starts with fox 5

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